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Dr Noor Shah | Our Team

Dr Noor Shah Kamawal

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Dr Noor Shah Kamawal is an experienced professional in health program evaluation, with more than thirteen years of management and leadership experience across different health programs.

His strong belief in the power of valid and precise public health interventions drives his work to improve the health and wellbeing of all people, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, race, gender or religion.

Dr Noor’s primary focus of late has been on strengthening the process of identifying and implementing the changes in healthcare policy and practice in a country. This, in turn, can support the country to respond better to health system challenges

Sydney | Our Team

Sydney Stevens

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Sydney Stevens has experience working in children’s mental health, and has applied her expanded knowledge to global health and education.

Throughout her career, Sydney has accumulated a wealth of experience with people-facing roles, professional internships and volunteering experience in the medical industry.

Her passion for improving access to, and quality of, healthcare services globally inspires her each day to help spark change in healthcare systems across the globe.

Dan | Our Team

Dan Copsey

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Dan Copsey is a noteworthy leader in a number of spaces. He has unyieldingly worked on the conception and realisation of many businesses, including OtherBirds and the Health Collab.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising, Dan thrives on working collaboratively with clients to come up with creative solutions.

Dan’s work ethos revolves around creating and supporting future-driven businesses and organisations that make positive change in our society.

Stephanie Babinczky | Passionate Director and Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Babinczky

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Meet Stephanie Babinczky, our passionate Director and Chief Marketing Officer, dedicated to advancing our mission. With over 5 years of marketing leadership experience and a Bachelor of Design Arts, Stephanie drives our brand growth initiatives with purpose. Her expertise in marketing, management, and organisational change empowers us to make a lasting impact.
Stephanie’s creative flair and adept project management skills set her apart, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Beyond her role, she volunteers her talents to uplift other charitable organisations, reinforcing our commitment to creating a healthier world.

Umer Farooq Kainth | Co-Founder of The Health Collab

Umer Farooq Kainth

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Umer Farooq Kainth, the esteemed Co-Founder of The Health Collab, is a pioneering force within Partners In Progress. As a seasoned expert and head of a white label digital marketing agency, his extensive experience has been instrumental in driving The Health Collab’s transformative mission.
With a proven track record of remarkable success across diverse sectors, Umer’s honed skills and expertise are highly regarded. His unwavering belief in the empowering potential of digital marketing transcends barriers of background, race, gender, or religion.
As a visionary leader, Umer strategically equips The Health Collab to address challenges, making a profound and lasting impact in their pursuit of a healthier world.

At Partners in Progress, our team is committed to building a better world through lasting partnerships. If you share our vision and are interested in working together towards a common goal, get in touch.